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We help college-bound students craft and articulate their unique, powerful, and authentic stories so they stand out in the college admissions process and find the perfect fit where they can thrive.

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Develop Compelling Applications

The key to standing out and creating a connection with others is having a powerful, authentic story. Using our StoryprintTM framework we help students highlight their strengths as they craft their authentic and powerful story.

Gain Clarity & Confidence

You will fearlessly embrace the journey because you'll have an actionable plan from a trusted advisor who cares about your success. I believe in a collaborative approach working closely with families to ensure that everyone is working toward the same goals and feels confident.

Reduce Family Stress & Anxiety

The admissions  process has become more complex and can be a source of conflict between parents and students. We keep students organized, motivated and adhering to deadlines throughout the entire process, thereby reducing stress and anxiety for the entire family. 

Letting go of your child to attend college is hard enough.

The application process shouldn't be the hardest part. 

  • With so many colleges  to choose from it can be challenging to find the right fit.

  • You're hearing conflicting information from online resources, family members, and other parents. You just aren't sure what is true.

  • Admission requirements vary by school. It can be hard to know what coursework is needed versus preferred. 

  • The shift towards test-optional policies has been relatively recent, and colleges are still adjusting their admissions processes. Students are struggling to know whether they  should submit test scores. 

Learn How We Can Work Together

Why Choose Start with Your Story?

Student Success 

Our aim is not limited to helping our clients secure college admission; rather, it involves identifying a great college fit including academics, social environment, cultural values, and financial resources.

Our professional guidance, has helped our students successfully secure admission to a diverse range of colleges, ranging from Ivy League universities to small liberal arts colleges to large public universities.

Strategic Approach

We believe in approaching the admissions process in a strategic manner using a variety of data that provide valuable insights into a college's admissions process. This data driven approach helps you make informed decisions about where to apply and whether an early admission strategy is right for your student. This data driven approach matched with my understanding of how applications are reviewed help our students succeed.


Savor Family Time

Instead of agonizing over the college admission process, you should savor every moment of your teen's senior year. Working with me takes all the guesswork out of how to approach the admissions process and reduces the stress associated with applying to college.

I'm also available at the family and student’s convenience – not just during school hours during the school year. This becomes valuable when you need a quick response or guidance.

An Authentic Narrative

Using our Story FingerprintTM framework we work with students to share their authentic story.  Fingerprints are unique as no two people share the same design. When you touch something, you transfer your unique print, leaving an impression. A Story FingerprintTM is a message that your student develops for their application. It should be as unique as a fingerprint, making an imprint on several aspects of the application and leaving a powerful impression.

Hi there, I'm Kathy!


I began my journey as an independent educational consultant because it combines my expertise in personal branding and higher education with my passion for coaching students. I was drawn to this work because I believe in the power of education. As a first-generation college student, I know firsthand how education can change a life.

In my career, I’ve had the privilege of storytelling for some of the world’s most well-known and beloved brands such as Kraft, KitchenAid and Kellogg’s. Also, I coached and mentored students during my tenure at the University of Michigan. Feeling a pull toward more purpose-driven work, I left my corporate life to combine my storytelling, coaching and mentoring skills in service to students defining their stories.

More About Me

In addition to my professional credentials and years of education and training, I've walked in your shoes as a parent of two college students.

 I can empathize with you at every step of the process. I know what it's like to take the campus tours, build the college list, and have your child agonize over the wait and rejoice over the acceptances. And, I know the bittersweet feelings that are present on move-in day.

Empowering learners, shaping futures: Your trusted educational consultant

I am a Professional Member of IECA. This designation is for educational consultants who have demonstrated mastery with years of experience and a master's degree.

I studied the theory and practice behind human performance that serves to create empathetic and trusted relationships with my clients. 


As a HECA member, I uphold a high level ethics, am committed to keeping abreast of evolving admissions trends and connected to a network of consultants.

Choose your preferred service and let's get started...

One to One Personalized College Consulting 


We are here to guide you through the process, every step of the way. Our one-to-one consulting approach allows us to tailor our services to meet the individual needs of each student with whom we work. We take the time to get to know your student, understand their strengths and weaknesses, and create a customized plan that's tailored to their unique needs and goals.


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Creating College Confidence Monthly Parent Membership


If you're the parent or family member of a high school student in the class of 2025 or 2026, this group is a place for you to find community, get access to expert advice and training on all aspects of the college admissions process. I designed Creating College Confidence to provide affordable and reliable answers and advice to parents navigating the college application process.


Coming Soon!

Class of 2025 Application Accelerator Group Coaching Program 


Class of 2025 Application Immersion Program provides support for rising seniors in a virtual group setting. Group meetings offer step-by-step guidance through the college admissions process, supplemented by one-on-one meetings, online content, email and text communication, and office hours. Students will benefit from professional advice and support from peers.


Coming Soon!

Our Clients Say it Best

L.P., Parent

Hire Kathy Noble. Just do it! She is worth 10x the amount that she charges. We only wish we had done it sooner because it would have removed some of the stress we felt going through the college admissions process. We had been through the journey with our older son several years prior and thought we would be able to handle things with our younger son on our own. Although our younger son had outstanding grades and test scores, we needed help explaining some unusual circumstances. About two months before applications were due, we reached out to Kathy and asked her if we could hire her on a per hour basis to help us with specific things. Her advice was insightful and knowledgeable…Kathy is a gem and understands the passion and the heart of both a parent and a child trying to navigate the college admissions process. Thank you, Kathy!

B.K., Student at Kalamazoo College

The college admissions process is terrible, but having someone who knows all the ins and outs of the college admissions office is absolutely crucial to your success. Cue Kathy Noble. Her knowledge of all things admissions made my journey through the application process thousands of times more manageable. She used a structured system that was flexible to my specific needs as a new applicant. This system allowed for me to tackle and finish areas of the process faster and much more in depth, while also allowing me to discover new facets of my personality. Throughout my time with Kathy, she was focused on my best interests. She was honest and constructive when helping with essays, and when analyzing college statistics. Having Kathy as a consultant was one of the best choices I could have made regarding my application process. I highly recommend Kathy Noble to those looking to get to know themselves, and looking to nail the college application process.

S.B., Student at the University of Chicago

It’s super easy to talk with Kathy. When I was brainstorming ideas for my essays, our conversations helped me organize my thoughts and come up with fresh ideas. I had a LOT of questions about the entire admissions process and Kathy was always responsive and knowledgeable, whether I was asking about specific colleges or the logistics of filling out the Common App or even interview strategies. One of the most useful things Kathy helped me with was deconstructing essay prompts so I could focus on what the colleges were actually asking. When I finished writing an essay, her feedback was honest and constructive. I'm very happy with my college admissions outcome and I'm grateful for the support Kathy gave me throughout the long application process.

E.B., Student

My parents had no idea where to start with helping me look for colleges. Kathleen was recommended to us. She took the time to talk with me about what my interests are, and gave me a list of excellent recommendations and helped me with questions I had on applications. She was also able to help with questions about financial aid, and was always available. My college application process was a lot easier with Kathleen’s help!

A.M., Parent

Kathy Noble is a find. Her commitment to helping high school students find the right college shines through. We hired Kathy after deciding – at a fairly late point in the process – to investigate options beyond the local community college. Kathy got to work. We had a fairly specific and somewhat atypical list of requirements, and Kathy provided us with a list of schools that fit our son’s requirements in a jiffy. She responded to every email within 24 hours. She patiently helped my son slog through all the tedious college platforms. She – very diplomatically – explained to my son that he might want to rethink (well, totally redo) his college essay given its downer theme. Not the easiest message to communicate, and she did it deftly and sensitively. Let’s face it – the college selection and application process are overwhelming. If you are looking for help, hire Kathy. She is friendly, responsive, knowledgeable, professional and above all passionate.

V.S., Parent

Going through the college application process for the first time as a parent, I was overwhelmed by the whole process and lost in the details. Kathy explained each step in the process and was always available to answer all my questions. Kathy’s approach was tailored specific to my child and his goals. She helped him in prioritizing each task and systematically went through the process. As parents we felt she helped him to think more deeply on his college options and answer the question of “why”. This was a very critical step in shortlisting the colleges and focus more on the essays from the top choices. She provided advice on which applications to do first and gave insight on each college’s culture and process. She was available to work around the schedule of the busy senior and always gave importance to ease our stress. As parents this was more important to us that our child does not feel stressed out with the whole process. She also gathered info and provided all what we needed to know about FAFSA and kept us on check with the deadlines. I felt Kathy was the best coach we needed to help us get through this college application process. She is very patient and was always there whenever we needed her. She also kept the communication very open.

Why work with an independent
educational consultant?

The college admissions process is complicated and stressful for students and families. Choosing a college is one of the most important decisions a student will make, as well as a significant investment for the entire family. At the same time, many high school budgets don’t allow for enough guidance counselors to provide the necessary individual attention, leaving too little time to help students on their college admissions journey.

Independent consultants can supplement the work of guidance counselors by providing students and families with additional attention. And, they are available at the family and student’s convenience – not just during school hours during the school year. This becomes valuable when you need a quick response or guidance.

Additionally, because independent consultants are not tied to any specific institution and because we have a broad range of knowledge about colleges and universities, we can help provide a wide range of options that are a good fit for you.

Independent consultants who are members of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) visit an average of 35 campuses annually to meet with admissions officers and understand what they are looking for in the application process. A school that you’re not familiar with today just might turn out to be the perfect choice for you!

Finally, as the college admissions and financial aid processes becomes more complex, it can be a source of conflict and stress between parents and students. An independent consultant can help keep you organized, motivated and adhering to deadlines throughout the entire process, thereby reducing stress and anxiety for the entire family. For more information on how an independent educational consultant can help navigate the college process, press the button below.